FTC’s Redefining Recyclable Plastics Could Change A Lot

FTC Considers Redefining Recyclable Plastics | Seraphim Plastics

There is a move afoot to convince the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to redefine recyclable plastics in such a way as to force language changes within the plastics space. At issue is whether recyclable plastics actually get recycled in the real world. Unfortunately, the FTC Green Guides debate misses the point. The FTC’s original Green…

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Preparing Postindustrial Recycling for Pickup

Preparing Postindustrial Plastic Loads for Pickup | Seraphim Plastics

One of the main advantages of recycling postindustrial plastics is working with materials that are recognizable and controlled. This allows us to put the responsibility of sorting and decontaminating plastics on the producer rather than handling them ourselves. Producers prepare plastic loads so that all we need to do is pick up and go. Does…

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The Relationship Between Oil Prices and Plastic Recycling

The Relationship Between Oil Prices and Plastic Recycling | Seraphim Plastics

It is commonly understood that higher oil prices contribute to inflation by increasing fuel costs. When fuel costs more, it impacts transportation and logistics. Retail prices go up for just about everything as a result. But did you know that oil prices also impact plastic recycling? They do, and probably not in the way you…

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5 Great Reasons to Promote Industrial Plastic Recycling

We are extremely happy to be able to say we have done very well recycling industrial scrap plastic in Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Other companies throughout the U.S. are enjoying similar success. The fact is that industrial plastic recycling works. It should be promoted whenever possible. To be clear, the plastic…

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Why We Only Accept Industrial Plastic Waste

We Only Accept Industrial Plastic Waste and Here's Why - Seraphim Plastics Industrial Plastic Waste Recycling

You will find several statements on our website making it clear that we don’t deal in consumer plastics. We focus on industrial plastic waste. We are interested in things like plastic purge and cutoffs, baled PET bottles, and all sorts of plastic buckets, totes, etc. We are not interested in the types of plastics the…

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