Recycling Non-Household Plastics Can Be Financially Viable

Recycling Non-Household Plastics Can Be Financially Viable | Seraphim Plastics

There is an ongoing debate over whether the world should continue attempting to recycle post-consumer plastics. As the thinking goes, post-consumer plastic recycling has been a colossal failure to date, and continuing to do it doesn’t make sense. The better choice is to ban plastic altogether. But is it? A new economic viability study out…

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Scrap Plastic Recycling Tip – Don’t Complicate It

Scrap Plastic Recycling Tip - Don't Complicate It | Seraphim Plastics

Post-industrial plastic recycling is our gig. It is what we do. We work with the producers of scrap plastic to transform their waste into a marketable product known as regrind. We essentially buy plastic from one source, process it, and then sell the resulting plastic to another company. It is all pretty simple. Speaking of…

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Selling Your Industrial Plastic Recycling To Us: What it Means

Selling Your Industrial Scrap Plastic

Here at Seraphim Plastics, industrial plastic recycling is our specialty. We buy plastic scrap, process it, and sell it to manufacturers as regrind material. If you sell us your plastic scrap in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, or any of the other states we are active in, we will send a truck to your facility and haul…

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Reusing After Recycling Industrial Plastics

When it comes to manufacturing, few things are as important as controlling costs. You have to find ways to save the most money possible throughout the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to materials. Some materials — such as advanced resins — can be expensive, so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to…

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Learn the History of Plastics

The U.S. generates more than 35 million tons of plastic each year according to statistics. There are recycled plastic buyers in Michigan and other cities across the U.S. who transport and sell recycled plastic to businesses to create new plastic products and address environmental concerns. Today, plastic recycling is a necessary component of plastic production…

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