The Fine Lines Between Recycling, Reusing, and Repurposing

Recycle sign with Reduce reuse recycle slogan vector.

We market what we do as industrial plastic recycling. We purchase commercial plastic waste that we can transform into regrind material. We then sell that regrind to manufacturers. We have no problem labeling our activities as recycling. But you could call what we do reusing or repurposing. That’s because, in our case, the lines between…

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When It Comes to Industrial Plastic Recycling, More Is Better

Industrial Plastic Recycling

A quick perusal of our website reveals that we prefer to purchase scrap industrial plastic in large volumes. You might call Seraphim Plastics a bulk buyer. When it comes to industrial plastic recycling, our viewpoint is that more is better. It is really about the economics of scale. The same economic benefits scale affords nationwide…

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5 Ways Plastic Recycling Benefits Your Company

Recycle Company Plastic

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t throw anything away. We would recycle, re-purpose, and reuse everything. But this is not a perfect world. Perhaps your company doesn’t recycle plastic waste based on the notion that it offers no benefit. Would you give us an opportunity to show you otherwise? Commercial plastic recycling is not as…

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Recycling Scrap: Waste Is the Underlying Issue

Here at Seraphim Plastics, we buy and sell scrap plastic. We are an industrial plastic recycling firm that takes waste generated by other companies and turns it into a useful product. When you get right down to it, that’s all recycling really is. It is a process of dealing with waste without throwing it away.…

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Can the Same Plastic Be Recycled Endlessly?

Recycle Plastics Endlessly

There is a lot about recycling the general public just doesn’t know. For example, few people truly understand how plastic recycling works despite faithfully putting their green recycling bins to the curb every week. It is easy to participate in a curbside program and just assume plastic can be recycled endlessly. But guess what? It…

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