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Understand What Happens to Plastic When It’s Recycled

Recycling plastic has become second nature for many people in their personal lives, and many businesses that produce plastic waste have followed suit in recent years by become avid recyclers. In fact, it’s commercially generated plastic scrap that meets much of the current demand for recycled plastics despite the popularity of consumer plastic recycling. Because…

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Why We Use Plastic Pallets to Export Goods?

In the modern era, there are few products manufactured that don’t include plastic. In many areas, plastic has replaced natural materials like wood and metal because of its resiliency, recyclability, and affordability. In the export shipping industry, plastic has become the go-to material for crafting pallets for goods that will be shipped overseas. Plastic pallets…

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The Recent Rise in Industrial Plastic Production

Plastics play a large role in the packaging industry, which has seen major growth in Kentucky and the Appalachia region between 2017 and 2019. This is due to the increased demand from packaging companies. Packaging companies rely on industrial plastics to make consumer products including cosmetics, food containers, cleaning product containers, bins for organization, and…

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Tips to Getting the Maximum Value from Your Plastic Scrap

Recycling plays an important role both in growing our economy and preserving our environment. If you’re regularly recycling your industrial plastic scrap, you’re making important contributions to your community. However, if you’re not getting the most out of your plastic scrap, you’re basically throwing money out the window. To make sure you’re not generating any…

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Recycling Solutions for Manufacturing Plants

Selling plastic for recycling in Arkansas sounds like a simple enough option, but it isn’t always as straightforward or obvious as you might like. Unfortunately, there’s simply no one-size-fits-all solution for recycling when it comes to the manufacturing industry. The incredible variety of products and materials produced by manufacturers creates an obvious challenge. That’s not…

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