4 Suggestions for Organizing Your Warehouse

Warehouse Organization

At the heart of an efficient warehouse is organization. An organized warehouse is one in which everything is in its place. It is one where things can be found easily and without too much searching. Best of all, an organized warehouse is a safer warehouse. People and equipment can move around with minimal risk of…

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Could Recycling Scrap Plastic Solve Your Dumpster Problem?

dumpster solution

Your business relies on multiple commercial dumpsters to handle the trash. Your trash hauler charges a monthly fee for each dumpster in exchange for emptying them on a weekly basis. You would like to reduce the number of dumpsters your company pays for, but you’re not quite sure how. Have you ever considered recycling your…

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Why Industrial Plastics Don’t Always Have Numbers on Them

Selling Industrial Plastic

A brief inspection of the consumer plastics in your home would reveal pieces with numbers and recycling symbols on them. The recycling symbol looks like a set of arrows arranged in a triangle. In the center of the triangle is a single-digit number. Did you know that the symbols and numbers are rarely found on…

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Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Organized Workplace

Selling Industrial Plastic Scrap

An untidy and disorganized workplace is not optimal for maximum production. Likewise, it neither presents a professional image nor allows workers to do what they do in a safe and healthy environment. Therefore, maintaining a clean and organized workplace is fundamental to any company’s success. There are very definite rules OSHA holds companies to in…

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