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Advanced Techniques

At Seraphim, we use advanced shredding and grinding equipment to control grind size to our customer’s specification.

Contamination Free

All recycled plastic material passes through ferrous and non-ferrous metal detectors, as well as magnets to guarantee that the material remains contamination-free.


We have grinders ranging from 50hp to 150hp. Versatile equipment size allows us to be competitive at all quantities of tolling.

Dealing with Industrial Plastic

Businesses are one of the largest producers of plastic waste. Because they deal in large-volume shipping and often have to ship out their own supplies, companies can find themselves with a lot of plastic that ends up going into the landfill or taking up storage space in their own facility.

This unfortunate for the environment is also bad for a business’s bottom line due to higher waste removal costs. Most of the commercial plastic used is clean and of a high grade, making recycling it easier and more eco-friendly than recycling some consumer wastes. Businesses may not want to add any extra work when it comes to job duties, but recycling commercial plastic is a good way to improve your business’s profits. You can sell scrap plastic to an industrial plastic recycler if you don’t want to handle the process yourself.

Seraphim plastics sells all types of postindustrial plastics, including those in scrap, regrind, and pellet form, and converts them into recycled, usable materials. Sell plastic scrap to us, and we’ll turn it back into a material that can be reintroduced to the production process.

We process and typically have the following kinds of regrind plastic for sale:

  • HDPE 4-10 Melt Injection Grade Regrind
  • HMW 8-14 Melt (HLMI) Dunnage Grade Regrind
  • Polypropelyne 3-6 Melt Injection Grade Regrind

We reprocess the above materials in regrind form consistently, but this is far from an all-inclusive list, and quantities can change on a monthly basis. Contact Seraphim Plastics for your plastic recycling needs through our online contact form or by calling 888-423-1927.


Post-Industrial Plastic We Sell

Recycling plastic can open up space in your facility and promote safety compliance

If you are looking for recycled plastic in Tennessee or plastic recycling in Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky, or Alabama, we may be able to help you buy plastic. We have over 25 years of experience in the field and will work with you to meet your plastic buying needs.

Instead of allowing your plastic scrap to cost you money in waste removal or storage expenses, let it become a new revenue stream for your business. Sell your scrap plastic to us, and protect the environment in the process. Contact Seraphim Plastics for your plastic recycling needs through this form or by calling 888-423-1927.


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Seraphim Plastics is a buyer of post-industrial plastic scrap from (business to business) plastic production facilities, warehouses and plant manufactures in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky. Our 60,000 square foot facility is in Memphis, Tennessee.