Plastic We Sell

At Seraphim, we create usable materials from recycled plastic. Why should you buy recycled plastic products from Seraphim?

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At Seraphim, we use advanced shredding and grinding equipment to control grind size to our customer’s specification.


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All recycled plastic material passes through ferrous, non-ferrous metal detectors and magnets to guarantee that material remains contamination-free.


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We have grinders ranging from 50hp to 150hp. Versatile equipment size allows us to be competitive at all quantities of tolling.


Seraphim plastics sells all types of post-industrial plastics, including those in scrap, regrind and pellet form and converts them into recycled, usable materials. We process and sell the following materials:

  • HDPE 4-10 Melt Injection Grade Regrind
  • HMW 8-14 Melt (HLMI) Dunnage Grade Regrind
  • Polypropelyne 3-6 Melt Injection Grade Regrind

We reprocess the above materials in regrind form on a consistent basis.

In addition, we supply and sell the following baled materials:

  • LDPE Film
  • PP Supersacks
  • LDPE Cotton Wrap
  • PET Strapping

The above lists are not inclusive and quantities can change on a monthly basis. Contact Seraphim Plastics for your plastic recycling needs through this form or by calling 888-423-1927.

If you are looking for recycled plastic in Tennessee or plastic recycling in Missouri, Alabama, or many other states we service, we may be able to help. We have over 20 years of experience in the field and will work with you to meet your plastic buying needs.

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