FTC’s Redefining Recyclable Plastics Could Change A Lot

FTC Considers Redefining Recyclable Plastics | Seraphim Plastics

There is a move afoot to convince the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to redefine recyclable plastics in such a way as to force language changes within the plastics space. At issue is whether recyclable plastics actually get recycled in the real world. Unfortunately, the FTC Green Guides debate misses the point. The FTC’s original Green…

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Preparing Postindustrial Recycling for Pickup

Preparing Postindustrial Plastic Loads for Pickup | Seraphim Plastics

One of the main advantages of recycling postindustrial plastics is working with materials that are recognizable and controlled. This allows us to put the responsibility of sorting and decontaminating plastics on the producer rather than handling them ourselves. Producers prepare plastic loads so that all we need to do is pick up and go. Does…

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