Welcome to Seraphim Plastics!

What We Do

Seraphim Plastics is a full service plastic recycler that provides products to customers in Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and Alabama. Our headquarters are located in Clarkston, Michigan and our 60,000 square foot reprocessing facility is in Memphis, Tennessee.

Seraphim Plastics purchases rigid plastic scrap like collapsible bins, pallets, crates and buckets and then grinds them into 3/8” pieces called regrind. We supply our regrind to customers who use recycled materials in their end products.

Seraphim Plastics specializes in processing post industrial plastic scrap from manufacturers that have surplus material or production waste.

Seraphim Plastics takes plastic scrap in all types of forms, from parts to purge, lumps and chunks, and various types of repro pellets and virgin off spec resin. If you are looking for plastic recycling in Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, or Alabama, we can assist with your needs.

Why Choose Us

Seraphim Plastics will pay promptly for your plastic scrap at competitive prices. We will pick up your scrap based on your schedule. From plastic recycling in Alabama to plastic recycling in Arkansas or any other state, Seraphim offers recycling programs to fit your needs and location.

At Seraphim Plastics our priority is providing comprehensive consultation services for our vendors and customers.

With more than 20 years experience, we can help reduce waste in your facility at the same time as increasing your bottom line profitability.

We encourage you to contact us today for more information on how to free up your valuable warehouse space, convert your plastic scrap to profit, and improve the overall waste reduction in your facility.



Contact Seraphim Plastics for your plastic recycling needs through this form or by calling 888-423-1927.

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