Could Recycling Scrap Plastic Solve Your Dumpster Problem?

dumpster solution

Your business relies on multiple commercial dumpsters to handle the trash. Your trash hauler charges a monthly fee for each dumpster in exchange for emptying them on a weekly basis. You would like to reduce the number of dumpsters your company pays for, but you’re not quite sure how. Have you ever considered recycling your…

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Moroccan Recycling Program Runs into the Same Sorting Problem

Industrial plastic recycling

If you don’t know a whole lot about recycling in Morocco, know this: the northern African nation is certainly not a hotbed of recycling innovation and technology. In fact, recycling is almost entirely unheard of there. However, things are changing. There are now serious efforts underway to recycle organic material. It is just that operators…

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Recycling, COVID, and the Amazon Effect

online ordering waste

The U.S. recycling market has been up and down over the last several years. Whether it is PVC recycling or recovering scrap cardboard from a curbside bin, recycling is constantly being influenced by a variety of market conditions. COVID and the proliferation of online shopping have both contributed to recycling’s ups and downs. The good…

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Will Science Ever Produce a ‘Plastic-Eating’ Bacteria?

We consider it part of our mission to stay abreast of what is happening in the recycling world with regards to scientific study. Recently, we have been quite interested in a number of research projects designed to create bacteria capable of breaking down plastic’s components. We find ourselves wondering if science will ever create the…

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