Do Companies Have a Responsibility to Reduce Waste?

portrait of couple recycling paper company

The global business climate sure has changed over the last fifty years. Today, both small businesses and corporations alike are facing mounting pressure to be more cognizant of things like social justice and environmental protection. So much so that an entire industry has cropped up to help companies identify and manage their perceived corporate responsibilities.…

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Recycling Scrap: Waste Is the Underlying Issue

Here at Seraphim Plastics, we buy and sell scrap plastic. We are an industrial plastic recycling firm that takes waste generated by other companies and turns it into a useful product. When you get right down to it, that’s all recycling really is. It is a process of dealing with waste without throwing it away.…

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A Year On and COVID-Related Plastic Is Still with Us

Covid Industrial Plastics

A month or so into the start of the COVID pandemic, businesses and governments began calling for a return to disposable plastic products covering everything from grocery bags to disposable utensils. The thinking at the time was that disposable plastic items would slow down the transmission of coronavirus. A year later, many of those items…

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Reusing After Recycling Industrial Plastics

When it comes to manufacturing, few things are as important as controlling costs. You have to find ways to save the most money possible throughout the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to materials. Some materials — such as advanced resins — can be expensive, so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to…

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Debunking Various Plastic Recycling Myths

The recycling process is constantly evolving and changing, which means that the industry has to keep changing with it. It also means that there are frequently myths surrounding industrial plastic recycling in Tennessee that are based on older methods and outdated information about recycling plastics. If you want to learn the truth about this industry,…

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