Why You Should Be Using Regrind for Manufacturing

Why You Should Be Using Regrind for Manufacturing | Seraphim Plastics

We both buy and sell industrial plastic here at Seraphim Plastics. The plastic we sell is regrind – essentially scrap plastic reduced to small pellets ready to be combined with virgin plastic for new manufacturing. Granted, there are some concerns with regrind in terms of product quality and repeatability. But those concerns can be effectively…

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Recycling Non-Household Plastics Can Be Financially Viable

Recycling Non-Household Plastics Can Be Financially Viable | Seraphim Plastics

There is an ongoing debate over whether the world should continue attempting to recycle post-consumer plastics. As the thinking goes, post-consumer plastic recycling has been a colossal failure to date, and continuing to do it doesn’t make sense. The better choice is to ban plastic altogether. But is it? A new economic viability study out…

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Reusing After Recycling Industrial Plastics

When it comes to manufacturing, few things are as important as controlling costs. You have to find ways to save the most money possible throughout the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to materials. Some materials — such as advanced resins — can be expensive, so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to…

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Interesting Facts About Recycling Plastic

Sustainability has become the focus of many individuals, industries, and businesses as the need to become better custodians of resources has emerged. Not only is sustainable use the ethical thing to do to protect raw materials and reuse resources that are already available, but it also provides financial benefits to communities who recycle as well.…

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Debunking Various Plastic Recycling Myths

The recycling process is constantly evolving and changing, which means that the industry has to keep changing with it. It also means that there are frequently myths surrounding industrial plastic recycling in Tennessee that are based on older methods and outdated information about recycling plastics. If you want to learn the truth about this industry,…

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