Your Industrial Scrap Plastic Is More Than Just Waste

Your Industrial Scrap Plastic Is More Than Just Waste | Seraphim Plastics

Seraphim Plastics acquires all sorts of industrial scrap plastic, ranging from cutoffs and purge to plastic pallets and dunnage trays. To us, industrial scrap plastic is more than just waste. It is our bread and butter. Yet there is more to it than just the fact that we buy scrap plastic and turn it into a regrind product we can sell to manufacturers.

Industrial plastic recycling is our business. But think about recycling on a grander scale. Think about all the waste we collectively dispose of in landfills. How many millions of tons are buried in huge holes in the ground?

Human Activity Generates Waste

Among the many undeniable aspects of human activity is that it generates waste. As much as we appreciate the idea of a circular economy in which no waste is ever discarded, such a system is both impractical and impossible. We will always produce at least some waste that has to be disposed of through landfilling, incineration, or some other means.

Does that mean we cannot reduce our waste? Absolutely not. In fact, the overall success of industrial plastic recycling proves that there is plenty of room for handling the waste we produce in better ways.

Your industrial scrap plastic represents a type of waste that can be recovered, recycled, and put back into practical use. The plastic you otherwise throw away represents a material that can be turned into profit if the right company takes possession of it and processes it in the right way. Seraphim Plastics obtaining scrap plastic from you is proof that there are better ways to handle waste.

Recycling Doesn’t Have To Lose Money

When materials reach end-of-life and need to be disposed of as waste, we accept the fact that they no longer have inherent value. But value is a lot like beauty: it is in the eye of the beholder. Your industrial scrap plastic has monetary value to us. And because it does, we have figured out a way to recycle it at a profit. The fact is that recycling doesn’t have to be a money losing proposition.

We have heard a lot over the last 12 to 14 months about municipal recycling programs and how cities and towns are abandoning them because they lose too much money. But when you stop and think about it, industrial plastic recycling is proof that the recycling concept does work when applied correctly.

It is not that we cannot effectively recycle at the residential level. It is simply that the process we have set up to do so is inefficient and costly. But if we treated post-consumer plastics the same way we treat post-industrial plastics, things would be different.

A Reason to Keep Trying

Seraphim Plastics does not obtain or recycle any post-consumer plastic waste. We focus strictly on post-industrial. Nonetheless, what we do day in and day out exemplifies the recycling concept. Your industrial plastic waste is the fuel for what we do. Together, we demonstrate a very good reason to keep trying to solve the global plastics problem.

Maybe we have not yet hit on the perfect plastic recycling solution. That doesn’t mean the solution isn’t out there. It does not mean we have to ban plastic. What it means is that we need to keep trying until we find a solution that works.

In the meantime, we are potentially interested in that industrial scrap plastic you are planning to send to the landfill. We invite you to contact us to let us know what you have, how much you have, and what you’re planning to do with it.