Canadian Foundation Recycles Plastic Waste

Canadian Foundation Recycles Plastic Waste - Seraphim Plastics - Worker standing infront of bales of plastic recycling

Regular readers of our blog posts know that Seraphim Plastics specializes in recycling commercial plastic waste. We buy commercial and industrial plastic scrap and convert it into a material that manufacturers can add to virgin plastic for making new products. We are pleased to learn of a Canadian foundation that does much the same thing.…

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Reducing Plastic Demand vs Recycling

Reducing Plastic Demand vs Recycling - bin full of consumer plastics

We ran across a fascinating article published by CNET in early December, 2022. Author Erin Carson took no prisoners, putting forth a shocking idea in her title. Her title read, “Plastics Recycling Misses the Point. Here’s What We Can Try Next”. Being in the commercial plastic recycling business, Carson’s premise is not surprising to us.…

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Why Industrial Plastics Don’t Always Have Numbers on Them

Selling Industrial Plastic

A brief inspection of the consumer plastics in your home would reveal pieces with numbers and recycling symbols on them. The recycling symbol looks like a set of arrows arranged in a triangle. In the center of the triangle is a single-digit number. Did you know that the symbols and numbers are rarely found on…

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