5 Reasons to Maintain a Clean and Organized Warehouse

5 Reasons to Maintain a Clean and Organized Warehouse - Seraphim Plastics Industrial Plastic Recycling

As a company that buys scrap plastic, turns it into regrind, and sells it to manufacturers, we maintain a number of warehouses in the seven states in which we operate. We have been to tons of warehouses from which we’ve picked up scrap plastic. We have seen our fair share of messy and disorganized spaces…

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Industrial Plastic in a Linear vs. Circular Economy

Industrial Plastic in a Linear vs Circular Economy

Industrial plastic recycling is often discussed in relation to the circular economy. As the thinking goes, any genuine effort to make the circular economy mainstream requires a robust effort to reduce waste. Therefore, recycling industrial plastic scrap adds to the circular economy by keeping said plastic out of landfills and incinerators.   Where a circular…

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Pre-Consumer vs Post-Industrial Plastic Waste: Are They the Same Thing?

Pre Consumer vs Post Industrial Plastic Waste

Operators in the recycling industry use a variety of terms to classify different types of plastics. For example, we might talk about pre-consumer and post-industrial waste as a means of distinguishing between two types of plastic waste. Outside of our industry, these two classification terms are often used interchangeably despite being distinctly different.   In…

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Don’t Let Your Scrap Plastic End Up Like Curbside Recyclables

industrial waste recycling center

Wouldn’t it be interesting if scrap commercial plastic were recycled just like the glass bottles and plastic food containers you put to the curb? Actually, it wouldn’t. Curbside recycling programs are so notoriously bad that attempting to deal with commercial plastic the same way would be a disaster. Thank goodness there are better ways to…

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Recycling Solutions for Manufacturing Plants

Selling plastic for recycling in Arkansas sounds like a simple enough option, but it isn’t always as straightforward or obvious as you might like. Unfortunately, there’s simply no one-size-fits-all solution for recycling when it comes to the manufacturing industry. The incredible variety of products and materials produced by manufacturers creates an obvious challenge. That’s not…

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