You have something we want. It is called scrap plastic. That mountain of plastic purge or unused bins and pallets represents trash to you. But to us, it's gold. Please don't throw it away. If you do business in Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, or any of the other five states in which we operate, call us instead. We want to buy your scrap plastic from you.

What We Buy

Seraphim Plastics is an industrial plastic recycling firm that purchases a variety of scrap plastic, including:

  • Plastic pallets
  • Collapsible (knockdown) bins
  • Crates, totes, and buckets
  • Plastic purge, lumps, and chunks
  • Repro pallets and virgin off-spec resin.

Note that we do not deal in residential plastics. Also note that the industrial plastics we buy must be clean and separated prior to pick up.

What We Do with It

Your scrap plastic has value to us because we can sell it after processing. Our process is quite simple. We come to your location to pick up whatever scrap plastic you have for us. We then transport the plastic back to one of our plants, where it is sent through a number of machines designed to reduce it to three-eighths of an inch regrind.

The regrind material is processed through a series of magnets to remove any metal debris. It is then packaged and prepared for sale. We sell plastic regrind to manufacturers for use in their end products.

Don't Throw It Away, Sell It to Us

You may see scrap plastic as waste that only takes up space in your warehouse. We get it. But do not throw it away. Sell it to us instead. Selling us your scrap plastic puts a little extra money back into the company budget. It reduces the amount of money you have to spend to have your company's trash hauled away. Selling us your scrap plastic even frees up valuable space that you can use for other things.

Seraphim Plastics makes getting rid of your plastic waste as easy as making a phone call. Contact us and let us know what you have. If it is a type of plastic we can use, we will offer you a quoted price. As long as we can make a deal, that's it. We will come to you and haul your scrap plastic away.

Your company may view scrap plastic as trash. It is gold to us. If you are looking to free up warehouse space, save a bit of money on trash hauling, and even add funds back into your budget, give us a call. We will pay you for your scrap plastic. How can you beat that?

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