5 Things You Should Know About the Zero Waste Concept

The Zero Waste movement began almost a decade ago as a way of addressing environmental and climate concerns by reducing the amount of waste we produce. In the years since, the movement has become tightly integrated with sustainability, environmental protection, and so on. Unfortunately, Zero Waste is like so many other movements in that it…

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Will Science Ever Produce a ‘Plastic-Eating’ Bacteria?

We consider it part of our mission to stay abreast of what is happening in the recycling world with regards to scientific study. Recently, we have been quite interested in a number of research projects designed to create bacteria capable of breaking down plastic’s components. We find ourselves wondering if science will ever create the…

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Do Companies Have a Responsibility to Reduce Waste?

portrait of couple recycling paper company

The global business climate sure has changed over the last fifty years. Today, both small businesses and corporations alike are facing mounting pressure to be more cognizant of things like social justice and environmental protection. So much so that an entire industry has cropped up to help companies identify and manage their perceived corporate responsibilities.…

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Circular Products: What Are They and Do They Really Exist?

a plant for recycling bottles

As a company specializing in industrial plastic recycling, we have a vested interest in the circular economy. The circular economy is of course, fueled by circular products. At least that is the underlying thought. What you might not know is that the circular economy principle is not as black-and-white as it might seem. This is…

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