3 Less Obvious Reasons Plastic Recycling Makes Sense

3 Less Obvious Reasons Plastic Recycling Makes Sense | Seraphim Plastics

Plastic recycling has been a hot topic for as long as most of us can remember. In terms of post-industrial plastic, industrial recycling has proven to be a profitable enterprise for both Seraphim Plastics and our competitors. At the same time, we fully understand that some producers of post-industrial scrap plastic do not see the…

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Post-Industrial Plastic Recycling A Form of Decentralized SWM

Post-Industrial Plastic Recycling A Form of Decentralized SWM | Seraphim Plastics

Post-industrial plastics represent solid waste. In that sense, they are no different from post-consumer plastics or any other form of solid waste that needs to be dealt with. But one of the things that makes it unique is this: recycling post-industrial plastics, at least the way we do it, constitutes a form of decentralized solid…

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Industrial Plastic: The Rise and Fall of Manufacturing Materials

Industrial Plastic and Other Materials We Use

As a company built on the concept of commercial and industrial plastic recycling, we need to be incredibly careful about how we describe our business. We must constantly remind website visitors that we do not recycle post-consumer plastics. Industrial plastics are our thing. We can do what we do successfully because the demand for industrial…

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Preparing Postindustrial Recycling for Pickup

Preparing Postindustrial Plastic Loads for Pickup | Seraphim Plastics

One of the main advantages of recycling postindustrial plastics is working with materials that are recognizable and controlled. This allows us to put the responsibility of sorting and decontaminating plastics on the producer rather than handling them ourselves. Producers prepare plastic loads so that all we need to do is pick up and go. Does…

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5 Great Reasons to Promote Industrial Plastic Recycling

We are extremely happy to be able to say we have done very well recycling industrial scrap plastic in Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Other companies throughout the U.S. are enjoying similar success. The fact is that industrial plastic recycling works. It should be promoted whenever possible. To be clear, the plastic…

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