Recycling Scrap: Waste Is the Underlying Issue

Here at Seraphim Plastics, we buy and sell scrap plastic. We are an industrial plastic recycling firm that takes waste generated by other companies and turns it into a useful product. When you get right down to it, that’s all recycling really is. It is a process of dealing with waste without throwing it away.…

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Can the Same Plastic Be Recycled Endlessly?

Recycle Plastics Endlessly

There is a lot about recycling the general public just doesn’t know. For example, few people truly understand how plastic recycling works despite faithfully putting their green recycling bins to the curb every week. It is easy to participate in a curbside program and just assume plastic can be recycled endlessly. But guess what? It…

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Repurposing and Reusing on an Industrial Scale

Industrial Plastic Recycling

Your average person on the street thinks of plastic recycling only in terms of water bottles and kitchen food containers. People really have no idea what industrial plastic recycling is all about. They also don’t know much about how the process works. That’s fine, as long as our customers continue selling us their plastic waste.…

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A Year On and COVID-Related Plastic Is Still with Us

Covid Industrial Plastics

A month or so into the start of the COVID pandemic, businesses and governments began calling for a return to disposable plastic products covering everything from grocery bags to disposable utensils. The thinking at the time was that disposable plastic items would slow down the transmission of coronavirus. A year later, many of those items…

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