The Simple Pizza Box and What It Means to Recycling

The Simple Pizza Box and What It Means to Recycling | Seraphim Plastics

To the team here at Seraphim Plastics, it isn’t difficult to distinguish the differences between consumer plastic recycling and industrial plastic recycling. It is something we deal with every day. Understanding the differences is not so easy for the average consumer, though. People might know what post-consumer plastics are, but they do not tend to…

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Is Re-Looping Better than Plastic Recycling?

Is Re-Looping Better than Plastic Recycling | Seraphim Plastics

Consumer recycling was just coming into its own in the 1970s. By the time the 1990s rolled around, reusing had joined recycling as a way to save the planet by keeping trash out of landfills. It was eventually joined by the third ‘R’: repurposing. Do we now have a fourth in re-looping? If you are…

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How Plastic Recycling Can Help Support High Demand

How Plastic Recycling Can Help Support High Demand | Seraphim Plastics

Recycling industrial plastics isn’t the most glamorous industry in the world. We buy plastic, recycle it, and sell it to manufacturers who make new things. Sometimes it can seem quite mundane. But every once in a while, we are reminded just how important recycling plastic waste is. At the height of the COVID pandemic, certain…

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Australian Recycling Program Takes After Industrial Recycling

Australian Consumer Recycling Program Modeled After Industrial Recycling | Seraphim Plastics

We do not recycle consumer plastics here at Seraphim Plastics. We are an industrial plastic recycler only. Nonetheless, we still keep an eye on the consumer space just so that we stay up to speed with what’s happening there. With that in mind, we thought it might be interesting to tell you about a new…

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FTC’s Redefining Recyclable Plastics Could Change A Lot

FTC Considers Redefining Recyclable Plastics | Seraphim Plastics

There is a move afoot to convince the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to redefine recyclable plastics in such a way as to force language changes within the plastics space. At issue is whether recyclable plastics actually get recycled in the real world. Unfortunately, the FTC Green Guides debate misses the point. The FTC’s original Green…

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