About Us

Seraphim Plastics is a full service plastic recycler, providing the highest level of quality recycled regrind to our customers at competitive prices. We value our suppliers, providing convenient storage, accommodating transportation options and prompt payment. We strive to be the best plastic recycling companies in United States. We offer plastic recycling in Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Michigan, and many other states.  Contact us today to to get started recycling plastic, dealing with you scrap plastic, or any other related services.

Seraphim Plastics’ 60,000 square foot reprocessing facility is in Memphis, Tennessee. Seraphim has sales offices in Markham, Ontario, Canada;  Garfield, New Jersey; and Jackson, Missouri with warehouse distribution centers throughout the country.


Seraphim Plastics LLC
3412 Jackson Ave., Bldg. #7
Memphis, TN  38122

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