Industrial plastic recycling is our business. It is also our passion. We do what we do because we see the inherent potential in recycling plastic rather than throwing it into a landfill. Recycling just makes good sense.

How about your company? Do you dispose of industrial plastic waste by sending it off with the trash? If so, we would like the opportunity to speak with you. We offer industrial plastic recycling in eight states: Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Here's why industrial plastic recycling makes sense for both you and us:

It Reduces Waste

As we see things, recycling is the opposite of waste. Every bit of industrial plastic that gets recycled represents less plastic being thrown away. If we can reduce waste and put recycled plastic back into the production stream, we have accomplished something good. You can be part of that by selling us your industrial scrap plastic.

It Preserves Natural Resources

Plastic is a petroleum product that requires energy to create. Both the petroleum and energy represent natural resources that do not have to be spent if new plastic isn't being produced. Therefore, putting recycled plastic back into the production stream via recycling preserves natural resources by reducing the amount of new plastic required for end product production.

It Can Save Companies Money

Though not every company saves money by recycling their industrial plastic waste, many do. The savings are seen in lower trash hauling bills. Think about your company's situation. Do you pay for dumpster service? If so, you probably play a flat monthly rate for a dumpster of a certain size. Going down to a smaller size by recycling plastic could ultimately save money.

It Can Make Companies Money

In addition to potential savings, industrial plastic recycling can make companies a bit of extra money, too. How? By selling their plastic to a company like ours. Seraphim Plastics doesn't just take plastic waste off your hands, we pay for it. We also cover all the costs of hauling it away. Your only obligation is to contact us to make arrangements for pickup.

It Sets an Example

These days, companies need to do everything in their power to reduce waste and its impact on the Earth. To that end, industrial plastic recycling sets an example to other local companies. It sets an example for local residents and even the company's employees. By recycling plastic waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill, companies demonstrate that recycling can work when practiced the right way.

If you dispose of industrial plastic scrap in any of the eight states we service, we encourage you to consider recycling it instead. Contact us for more information about our recycling programs. And if you are looking to buy plastic regrind, feel free to contact us for a quote as well.

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