Every year, thousands of pounds of recyclable plastic are created at manufacturing and processing plants across Mississippi. A good industrial plastic recycler creates incentives for businesses to get rid of their plastic waste in ways that are fiscally and environmentally responsible. At Seraphim Plastics, our goal is to buy and recycle surplus materials and industrial waste in order to produce usable plastic for future use. We understand that plastic scrap buyers can’t just hope that businesses will bring their waste and sell scrap plastic to a fixed recycling plant. So, we specialize in removing and recycling scrap from rigid plastic-like palettes, bins, and crates, and forming them into 3/8” pieces of plastic called regrind, perfect for products using recycled material. We also process industrial plastic scrap as well as other forms of production waste.

Industrial Plastic Recycling Mississippi With over 20 years of experience in industrial plastic recycling in Mississippi, we’re confident that we can handle any job at a price that works for both you and your business. We also provide consulting to help companies determine the recycling option that suits their budget, their schedule, and their recycling needs. As plastic waste buyers, we find that many businesses underestimate the impact that selling plastic for recycling can have on their business’ bottom line. As the best in plastic recycling companies, we will do our best to point out all of the benefits to your business, including savings in waste disposal, better marketing opportunities, and a safer working environment for your employees.

We’ll Buy Your Plastic Quickly

Not all plastic scrap recycling companies are the same. We know that your business runs on a schedule. Seraphim Plastics works to accommodate all of our customers’ needs, including any time constraints or scheduling conflicts. We do our best to ensure that your plastic recyclables and industrial waste are picked up and processed in a timely manner, and at a time convenient for your business. By removing waste from your factory or manufacturing plant quickly and easily, we can help reduce the waste in your facilities while simultaneously helping you increase productivity and profitability. That makes us one of the top plastic recycle buyers in the business while helping you to get to the top in yours.

How Do I Sell My Industrial Plastic?

You no longer have to look for companies that buy recycled plastic waste. If you’re looking to sell your industrial waste or plastic materials, simply contact us and set up a shipment. We buy a wide variety of plastics, from buckets to spools to crates to industrial bottles. Once you’ve ordered your plastic removal, we will provide both storage and transportation for your plastic materials. We guarantee that all of your plastic waste will be recycled in an eco-friendly manner, adding to your company’s reputation as an environmentally conscious business. So, instead of throwing away your plastic and creating more waste, allow us to remove your recyclables and create products for generations to come.

Contact Us

Contact us today if you would like to set up a consultation or wish to order a recycling shipment. We are here to answer any questions you might have about our products, services, or prices. Give us a call or email us at:

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For Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Accounting, please contact:
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