What Are You Looking for in an Industrial Plastic Buyer?

What Are You Looking for in an Industrial Plastic Buyer | Seraphim Plastics

The entire Seraphim Plastics team is proud to be able to say that we constantly strive to provide the best service possible. Whether it is buying and picking up post-industrial scrap plastic for recycling or filling orders for the plastic regrind we produce, making sure our customers are satisfied is priority number one. As a…

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Pre-Consumer vs Post-Industrial Plastic Waste: Are They the Same Thing?

Pre Consumer vs Post Industrial Plastic Waste

Operators in the recycling industry use a variety of terms to classify different types of plastics. For example, we might talk about pre-consumer and post-industrial waste as a means of distinguishing between two types of plastic waste. Outside of our industry, these two classification terms are often used interchangeably despite being distinctly different.   In…

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Ways to Tighten Your Belt Without Harming Business

recyling plastic types

Inflation is a normal part of business we have all come to expect now and again. Unfortunately, there are times when inflation can actually threaten the bottom line. With January 2022 producer inflation getting dangerously close to triple digits, it looks like we could be headed in that direction. That means businesses have to tighten…

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