Industrial Plastic in a Linear vs. Circular Economy

Industrial Plastic in a Linear vs Circular Economy

Industrial plastic recycling is often discussed in relation to the circular economy. As the thinking goes, any genuine effort to make the circular economy mainstream requires a robust effort to reduce waste. Therefore, recycling industrial plastic scrap adds to the circular economy by keeping said plastic out of landfills and incinerators.   Where a circular…

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5 Things You Should Know About the Zero Waste Concept

The Zero Waste movement began almost a decade ago as a way of addressing environmental and climate concerns by reducing the amount of waste we produce. In the years since, the movement has become tightly integrated with sustainability, environmental protection, and so on. Unfortunately, Zero Waste is like so many other movements in that it…

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Polyester: A Great Material for Both Clothing and Water Bottles

Recycled PET Bottles

Did you know that your plastic water bottles have something have common with the cheesy leisure suits you found in your grandfather’s closet a few years back? It turns out that both were made from polyester. Different forms of polyester were used, mind you, but the foundational materials were pretty much the same. Obviously, there…

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Why Plastic Recycling Companies Want Your Plastic Waste

Big pile of empty plastic

Plastic recycling companies like ours are constantly on the lookout for post-industrial plastic waste. We love it. It’s our business. In fact, we want as much as we can get our hands on. This may seem contrary to what many people believe about recycling, but it is the reality of our business. We want to…

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Tips to Getting the Maximum Value from Your Plastic Scrap

Recycling plays an important role both in growing our economy and preserving our environment. If you’re regularly recycling your industrial plastic scrap, you’re making important contributions to your community. However, if you’re not getting the most out of your plastic scrap, you’re basically throwing money out the window. To make sure you’re not generating any…

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