Infrastructure and the Future of Plastic Recycling

Infrastructure and the Future of Plastic Recycling | Seraphim Plastics

It is common knowledge that less than 10% of all the plastics produced globally get recycled. Most of what does consists of post-industrial plastics that go to recyclers already sorted and cleaned. If we could figure out how to flip the numbers – to recycle 90% and dispose of 10% – how would all the…

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The Simple Pizza Box and What It Means to Recycling

The Simple Pizza Box and What It Means to Recycling | Seraphim Plastics

To the team here at Seraphim Plastics, it isn’t difficult to distinguish the differences between consumer plastic recycling and industrial plastic recycling. It is something we deal with every day. Understanding the differences is not so easy for the average consumer, though. People might know what post-consumer plastics are, but they do not tend to…

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Can Plastic Manufacturing Be Eco-Friendly?

Plastics have been getting a bad reputation over the last decade or so, and not without reason. Plastic containers, bottles, and bags fill our landfills and pollute our planet’s waterways. Plastic manufacturing uses a great deal of energy and resources and creates pollution as well. Many people are stepping away from using plastic products at…

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Saving Money and Waste with Post-Industrial Plastic Recycling

More consumers are becoming concerned with protecting the environment and are now recycling in their own homes. But households are not the only places that produce recyclable waste like plastic, and consumers want to know that the businesses they work with have green business practices. If your business is producing a great deal of plastic…

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Reusing After Recycling Industrial Plastics

When it comes to manufacturing, few things are as important as controlling costs. You have to find ways to save the most money possible throughout the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to materials. Some materials — such as advanced resins — can be expensive, so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to…

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