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Seraphim Plastics helps current and potential customers identify, organize, and market plastic waste from their manufacturing processes. Once we identify the plastic waste in your processes and determine how it can be used, we purchase or acquire the plastic for reprocessing in our facility. If you are looking for the best in plastic recycling companies, we encourage you to contact us today. If you are looking for plastic recycling in Tennessee or plastic recycling in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, Michigan, or Kentucky, Seraphim can help with any of your custom needs.

Our customized recycling programs are reviewed quarterly and annually to provide the best prices and customer service. Pricing adjustments are made when there have been significant changes in market conditions as published. Quarterly pricing reviews ensure that our suppliers are consistently receiving fair market pricing for their scrap materials and our customers maintain a cost structure that is realistic to what the market dictates. From Arkansas plastic recycling to recycling plastic in Missouri – we have the expertise to help you find a solution that works for your business.

Our goal is to research, advise, and implement plastic recycling programs that meet the needs of our customers while providing excellent service. Contact us to set up a consultation appointment today, or call 888-423-1927.


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Seraphim Plastics is a buyer of post-industrial plastic scrap from (business to business) plastic production facilities, warehouses and plant manufactures in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky, and Alabama. Our 60,000 square foot facility is in Memphis, Tennessee.