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Recycling: The Best Way to Dispose of Commercial Plastic Scrap

Plastics pose many problems for the environment. Properly disposing of commercial plastic scrap is a great way for a business to help the environment. It also makes room in landfills for other waste that can’t be recycled. You can even add to the bottom line of your business by selling commercial plastic scrap in Tennessee to an…

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Understanding the Various Stages of Plastic Recycling

Since its invention, plastic has become a part of our daily lives. It is used almost everywhere and in so many areas of workplaces, homes, and even gardens. Its usage can be seen in a number of products such as automobiles, children’s toys, food containers, building materials, and other consumer goods such as clothes and…

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Understanding Recycling’s Impact

While most people understand the importance of recycling, the impact the practice can have on the environment can be hard to fully imagine. For example, did you know that the U.S produces enough plastic a year to cover the entire state of Texas like a giant Jell-O mold? Or that manufacturers use 88 percent less…

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Recycling Plastic By The Numbers

The numbers and symbols on the bottom of plastic bottles and containers have become increasingly important as recycling becomes more popular in the United States. The numbers – ranging from 1 to 7 – have a specific purpose when it comes to how plastic is recycled. This symbol is referred to as Number 1 Plastics.…

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A Greener Planet: The Economic Benefits of Recycling

While most people understand the environmental benefits offered by recycling, many don’t appreciate the economic success recycling has offered businesses across the U.S. By transforming waste into valuable raw material, recycling creates needed jobs, enables manufacturing industries to become more competitive in the global market, and makes an indispensable impact on America’s economy. Recycling Works…

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