How We Can Help You Make the Most of Your Scrap Plastic

Industrial Plastic Recycling

Your company may view scrap plastic as a nuisance. It takes up warehouse space and forces you to devote resources to disposing of it. We understand your negative feelings about plastic waste. But we have something to offer. We can help you make the most of your scrap plastic without increasing your costs or labor.…

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Sell Us Your Scrap Plastic

we buy industrial plastic scrap

As industrial plastic recycling specialists, we buy scrap plastic from seven states including Arkansas, Ohio, and Tennessee. We recycle what we buy into a variety of raw materials. Those materials are then sold to companies who transform the recycled material into usable products. It is all pretty straightforward. Our business depends on being able to…

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Is Break-Even Industrial Plastic Recycling Worth It?

industrial plastic recycling

We have to be honest. We do what we do here at Seraphim Plastics because it is our business. We make money on industrial plastic recycling. But still, what if there were other organizations willing to do the same thing at break-even levels. Would doing so be worth it? You can make the case that…

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Plastic Regrind: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

Every industry has its own terminology not necessarily understood by outsiders. Plastics recycling is no different. For example, do you know what plastic regrind is? Unless you have a need to purchase it, probably not. Yet we want you to know what it is so that you remember to come to Seraphim Plastics if you…

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Why Plastic Recycling Companies Want Your Plastic Waste

Big pile of empty plastic

Plastic recycling companies like ours are constantly on the lookout for post-industrial plastic waste. We love it. It’s our business. In fact, we want as much as we can get our hands on. This may seem contrary to what many people believe about recycling, but it is the reality of our business. We want to…

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