What Are You Looking for in an Industrial Plastic Buyer?

The entire Seraphim Plastics team is proud to be able to say that we constantly strive to provide the best service possible. Whether it is buying and picking up post-industrial scrap plastic for recycling or filling orders for the plastic regrind we produce, making sure our customers are satisfied is priority number one. As a potential seller, you are important to us.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a company like ours to buy your industrial plastic waste. You have tried a few companies but none of them met your needs. Now what? Well, we would like to pose a question: what are you looking for in an industrial plastics buyer?

Prompt Load Pickup

Many of our customers do not have the ability to get their scrap plastic to us. Instead, they want us to pick it up. No worries. But for you, it is not a matter of merely finding a recycling partner who can send a truck to your facility. You need prompt pickup. You need to get that plastic out of your warehouse as quickly as possible.

We get it. Post-industrial plastic waste takes up valuable floor space. It can be a hazard if it isn’t stored properly. No matter the issues it creates, your business will be better off when it’s gone.

Prompt Payment

We suspect you and your accounting team don’t want to wait forever to get paid. When you sell your plastic to a recycler, you expect prompt payment. Again, we get it. We expect the same thing from the customers who purchase plastic regrind from us. We do not want to be left hanging as a regrind seller. Likewise, we don’t like to leave the customers we buy plastic scrap from waiting on payment.

Efficient Storage Solutions

There are times when getting plastic from a customer’s place to ours isn’t as quick as we would like. In such cases, an efficient storage solution is the next best thing. Not all post-industrial plastic recyclers work with their clients on storage solutions. We do. Our goal is to make recycling scrap plastic as easy as possible. We can find a way to work things out with customers so that everyone benefits.

Fair and Competitive Pricing for Your Industrial Plastic Scrap

It goes without saying that you expect fair and competitive pricing for your post-industrial plastic scrap. Yes, it is waste. But at the same time, your scrap plastic is also a valuable resource that recyclers want so they can turn it into a marketable product. That means it has inherent value.

Scrap plastic prices obviously fluctuate with market conditions. There is nothing we can do about that. But we can promise fair and competitive pricing at all times. That is the way we do business. We are not in this to take advantage of you, just align our own pockets. We make every effort to work out a fair deal on every purchase.

Reliable Customer Service

Wrapping things up is something every plastics buyer should offer but many don’t: reliable customer service. Even though you are looking to sell your scrap plastic to Seraphim Plastics, we still consider you our customer. You help us by sourcing the raw materials we need to make our business work. As such, you deserve customer service that is every bit as reliable as the service our regrind buyers get.

We don’t know what type of experience you’ve had with industrial plastic recyclers in the past. But if you are looking to sell scrap plastic to a company with a proven track record, consider Seraphim Plastics. We buy plastic in seven states, supported by the pricing and service you expect.