Throw Away or Sell Scrap Plastic: Which Sounds More Attractive to You

As a business owner, one of your main priorities is to keep your costs in check. Lower costs ultimately mean a higher profit margin. Nonetheless, you know that some of your unavoidable costs are tied up in waste. Take industrial scrap plastic. It is a waste to you. But you don’t have to throw it away; you might be able to sell it.

If given the choice to throw away or sell, which sounds more attractive to you? Anyone can throw away scrap plastic. Companies do all the time. But the smart ones sell as much as they can to plastic recyclers like us.

We are active in seven states. Tennessee is our home base. From there, we also serve Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. If you have scrap industrial plastic that you are trying to get rid of in any of our active states, we might be able to buy it from you.

What We Buy

We buy plastic of all sorts. Mainly, we’re looking for clean and already sorted plastics we can transform into regrind and sell on the open market. We are interested in things like plastic pallets, totes, and dunnage trays. You can check out this page for more details on what we buy.

If you have industrial scrap plastic to sell, the first thing to do is reach out to us with an offer. Tell us exactly what you have, including as much detail as you possibly can. We will evaluate whether your scrap plastic is recyclable.

What We Don’t Buy

Although all plastics are recyclable from a purely technical standpoint, they are not all recyclable from a practical standpoint. Therefore, we don’t take just anything. For instance, we will not even consider buying a load of mixed plastics requiring sorting and cleaning.

We also do not buy residential plastics. We are not a company that picks up plastics from curbside recycling bins. We also don’t accept similar plastics from restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. We deal strictly in industrial scrap plastic.

How We Make It Work

You might be wondering how we can afford to buy scrap plastic and make a profit in an environment that sees so many municipal recycling programs shut down due to their costly nature. Rest assured you are not alone. Unless you’re directly involved in industrial scrap plastic recycling, you would not be expected to know how it works.

The reason so many municipal programs fail is economics. It is very costly to sort mixed plastics from one another, let alone trash. It is costly to clean and prepare the plastics for recycling.

By the time a municipal program successfully sorts, cleans, and ships plastics for recycling, the resulting recycled material is more expensive than virgin plastic. Manufacturers are not willing to buy it. In the end, there just isn’t a market for recycled residential plastics.

We succeed because we deal in a very specific type of plastic. And because we only buy sorted and clean loads, we don’t have to put the time and effort into that aspect. Scrap industrial plastic can be taken off our trucks and directly to processing without any costly tasks in between.

Let’s Talk About Your Plastic

You can continue to throw away your industrial plastic waste if you want to. But at least reach out to us. Let us talk about your plastic and whether we can buy it or not. If we can, doesn’t selling it to us seem more attractive than just throwing it away? By selling, you are keeping plastic waste out of the landfill and improving your own bottom line.