The Recent Rise in Industrial Plastic Production

Plastic Pallets

Plastics play a large role in the packaging industry, which has seen major growth in Kentucky and the Appalachia region between 2017 and 2019. This is due to the increased demand from packaging companies. Packaging companies rely on industrial plastics to make consumer products including cosmetics, food containers, cleaning product containers, bins for organization, and rigid plastic packaging (aka reinforced plastics) supplies. To stay ahead of demand, plastic manufacturers are implementing cutting-edge developments and technologies.

Growth in Emerging Economies

The buying and manufacturing of plastics is always evolving, driven by many factors like advances in technology, rapid urbanization, developments in technology, increased demands for natural products, and a desire for products that can be reused and recycled completely. Rigid plastic materials (bottles, containers, jars, trays, tubs, pots, etc.) face tough competition from flexible plastics, causing plastic scrap buyers and manufacturers to rethink their approach to their products.

New Innovations from Food Waste Directives

Plastic buyers and manufacturers are deeply invested in researching and developing smart packaging solutions that solve potential leaks and spoilage issues. This investment is also in response to directives from environmentalists and the government to significantly reduce food waste over the next decade. Thus, a need for reliable, environmentally friendly, economically efficient ways to package food and other consumer goods is a major issue that every plastic buyer and manufacturer needs to be concerned about.

Plastic Pipes

Pushing for Fully-recyclable Plastics

Currently, industrial rigid plastics manufacturers are taking a smarter, more sustainable approach to making plastic packaging more recyclable. The rise in demand for more environmentally friendly packaging materials, combined with a higher demand for products in agriculture, cosmetics, home care, and pharmaceutical industries, is revolutionizing the plastic packaging process.

There is a movement among plastics and packaging companies to find viable alternatives for plastic packaging. Biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, biopolymer solutions, and interpolymer substitutions are some of the innovative avenues rigid plastics manufacturers are investing in to decrease waste. Major advances in packaging processes have also risen, such as blow molding, custom moldings injection molding, thermoforming, and form-fill seal packages. The entire supply chain, down to the recycled scrap metal for buyers, is benefiting from the move to smart plastic packaging.

How the rigid plastics companies will continue to thrive in the increasingly competitive industrial plastic manufacturing market is up to consumers and their ever-evolving needs. What drives customer satisfaction with products today is accessibility, efficiency, adaptability, safety, and viability. Rigid plastics buyers and manufacturers must continue to develop affordable, organic, safe, and sustainable rigid plastic packaging to stay relevant in food and beverage, healthcare, cosmetics, household, and personal care industries.

With the rise of plastic production comes the rise of plastic recycling. We should know – we’re the leading scrap plastic buyers in Kentucky. If you are interested in finding out more about the rise of industrial rigid plastic production, call Seraphim Plastics LLC at (888)-423-1927.