Scrap Plastic: Your Trash Is Our Treasure

There is an old English idiom that says, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. It has many forms. Its origins are also unknown. Some form of the idiom has been around since at least the 16th century. And of course, there are multiple variations of the same idea. What matters to us is your trash – at least in the form of scrap plastic. What amounts to landfill fodder to you is treasure to us.

We buy all sorts of scrap plastic. From production cutoffs to plastic purge, we will buy whatever scrap your manufacturing process produces. But that’s not all. We will take your collapsible plastic totes, your plastic buckets, and even that stack of plastic pallets that occupies a corner of your warehouse.

Trash and Treasure Are Relative

The old trash and treasure idiom is used to illustrate the fact that things have differing value to different people. Both trash and treasure are relative. You throw out trash. It is something you no longer want or value. Likewise, treasure is something you hold on to. You want it and you recognize its value.

Scrap plastic cannot do much for you. It only takes up space. You and your staff do very little with it but move it around from time to time. Not only is it not generating revenue, but it is also costing your company time and effort to hold on to it. But to us, it’s treasure.

We can turn that scrap plastic into a viable product with resale value. All we have to do is pick it up from your location, transport it back to our plant, and process it. What comes out the other end is sold to manufacturers for use in their production processes.

Your Trash Is Our Lifeline

We take the trash and treasure idiom seriously because our business depends on it. Simply put, your trash is our lifeline. Without scrap plastic, we have no raw materials to produce plastic regrind. And without regrind, we have nothing to sell. And so, at the end of the day, we depend heavily on scrap plastic from sellers like you.

Note that we do not deal with any type of residential plastic waste. We don’t run a recycling plant in the same vein as your municipal recycler. Rather, we take already clean and separated plastics and grind them down into plastic pellets. It is a pretty basic process but doesn’t require an excess investment of time and manual labor.

This is the secret to successful recycling, by the way. Take expensive manual labor out of the equation and you can make a go of the recycling concept. It is something we have been doing here at Seraphim Plastics for years.

Sell Us Your Scrap Plastic

We operate in seven states – Tennessee, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. If you have scrap plastic to sell in any one of these states, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us know exactly what you have, and we can give you a pretty solid estimate of what it is worth to us. If you agree to the price, we can make arrangements to come to your location and pick it up.

We want your scrap plastic. It may be trash to you, but it is treasure to us. Our business model is built entirely on the principal of buying scrap plastic other companies don’t want and transforming it into a product that manufacturers do want. It is a tried-and-true business model that has made our company quite successful. Yet we owe our success to plastic sellers like you.