Do Not Throw Away Your Scrap Plastic Just Because You Can

One of the benefits of living in a free society is being able to do a lot of things people in other countries cannot do. But just because we can do something does not mean we should. Take scrap plastic. We can get rid of it simply by putting it in the trash. As a company that buys scrap plastic and recycles it, we are asking you not to do that. Do not throw away your plastic scrap just because you can. Sell it to us instead.

With freedom comes responsibility. Unfortunately, that is a concept that seems to have been lost over the last several decades. Today, people and organizations want all sorts of freedoms to do all sorts of things. But they do not want to bear the responsibility of doing what they do in a way that is respectful of others and the world in which we all live.

From our perspective, humanity has a responsibility to take good care of the planet. One of the many ways we can do that is to stop throwing things away indiscriminately, which leads us back to your company’s scrap plastic. It is a free country. You can have it taken away by your trash hauler. But you can also recycle it.

Plastics That We Buy

Our business thrives on scrap plastic. We love it so much that we send our own trucks to pick it up from sellers. That way, it doesn’t cost our customers anything to recycle. Many of them make good money on the deal. At any rate, we buy all sorts of plastic scrap:

  • Purge Material – We buy the plastic purge generated when injection molding machines are cleaned. This is some of the best scrap plastic around due to its purity.
  • Baled Bottles – Already baled plastic water bottles are easily recycled. They are like gold in our industry.
  • Totes, Crates, and Buckets – Many types of plastic totes, crates, and buckets are easily recycled. We buy a lot of them from customers in our seven states of operation.
  • Plastic Pallets – Unlike wood pallets, plastic pallets are not so easy to get rid of. You can get rid of yours by selling them to us.

The secret to our success is that we accept only clean, sorted plastic waste. By doing things this way, we eliminate all the inefficiencies that make curbside recycling a money-losing proposition. And just for the record, we do not collect or recycle any residential materials.

Creating Regrind from Scrap

At this point, you might be wondering what we do with the plastic we buy. Almost all of it is transformed into plastic regrind. What is regrind? It is scrap plastic that has been reduced to flakes or pellets. Those flakes or pellets are then combined with virgin plastic to support new manufacturing.

It turns out that manufacturers can add a certain amount of regrind to their virgin material without compromising the integrity of their finished products. They save a little money and help reduce waste by purchasing regrind. They are happy, we are happy, and your scrap plastic doesn’t end up in a landfill. It is a winning proposition for everyone involved.

We get the fact that your company has had waste management systems in place for a long time. We get that you are used to throwing scrap plastic into the dumpster for your trash hauler to take away. But we are challenging you to change things up. Don’t throw away that scrap just because you can. Instead, let us buy it from you.