3 Reasons to Sell Us Your Plastic Scrap

3 Reasons to Sell Us Your Plastic Scrap | Seraphim Plastics

Your company has a plastic problem. It is not the same landfill problem we constantly read about in the news. That problem still exists, but yours is more immediate: you have a bunch of industrial plastic waste taking up space your company could use for other things. You just don’t know what to do with the plastic.

Here at Seraphim Plastics, our business is built on helping companies like yours solve their plastic problems. How do we do that? By taking scrap plastic off our customers’ hands and converting it into a marketable regrind product. We send our trucks to the customer’s location for pickup. We haul away entire loads of industrial plastic waste so that our customers can forget about it forever.

Although we operate mainly in seven states, including Tennessee and Arkansas, we obtain plastic waste from customers all over the country. If you think you have a type of industrial plastic we are interested in, contact us, and let’s talk. In the meantime, here are three reasons to let us help you solve your plastic problem:

1. You Need to Take Your Warehouse Back

Among the many reasons companies call us for help is a warehouse being overrun by plastic waste. Stacking scrap plastic in a corner is a short-term solution to an immediate problem. But one stack eventually becomes two, then three, and so on. That mound of scrap plastic will just continue to grow until you find a way to get rid of it. That is where we come in.

You need to take your warehouse back and we can make it happen. Stop wasting valuable warehouse space storing scrap plastic indefinitely. If that scrap plastic is waste, treat it as such. Send it off to a buyer that actually wants it. A buyer such as Seraphim Plastics.

2. You Need to Improve Your Overall Waste Handling

Another motivation we see quite frequently in our business is the need to improve a company’s waste handling processes. We specialize in industrial scrap plastic, and industrial environments can easily get bogged down with waste if they don’t find ways to efficiently deal with it.

You cannot get any more efficient with plastic waste than having a company like Seraphim Plastics come in and take it away. Selling scrap plastic to us requires some effort on your part, but not a whole lot. We only ask that you keep plastic waste separated and free from contamination. When we come to pick up a load, we need that load to be clean and not mixed with other types of plastic or scrap.

3. The Idea of Turning Scrap into Money Is Appealing

If taking back your warehouse and improving how your company handles waste aren’t enough, does the idea of turning your scrap plastic into money appeal to you? We ask because we might be willing to pay for the scrap you would otherwise throw away. Why send your plastic waste to a landfill when you could use it to pad the bottom line?

Why would Seraphim Plastics pay for your plastic waste? Because it constitutes the raw material that we need to produce plastic regrind. We sell regrind to manufacturers who combine it with virgin plastic pellets to make new things. Without that raw material, we have no regrind.

There are even more reasons to let us handle your plastic problem. Hopefully, the three mentioned in this post are enough to at least get you thinking about our offer. If you have industrial scrap plastic you don’t know what to do with, contact Seraphim Plastics.