3 Less Obvious Reasons Plastic Recycling Makes Sense

3 Less Obvious Reasons Plastic Recycling Makes Sense | Seraphim Plastics

Plastic recycling has been a hot topic for as long as most of us can remember. In terms of post-industrial plastic, industrial recycling has proven to be a profitable enterprise for both Seraphim Plastics and our competitors. At the same time, we fully understand that some producers of post-industrial scrap plastic do not see the need to recycle it.

We could fill this post with all the same reasons for plastic recycling that everyone else talks about. But you have heard those things time and again. So instead, this post will address three less obvious reasons post-industrial plastic recycling makes sense. If you are ready, let’s get to it.

1. Industrial Recycling Reduces Resource Depletion

There are very few, if any, natural resources considered endless in terms of supply. Nearly every resource we utilize has its limits. Even the resources necessary to manufacture plastic are included. We do not have an unlimited supply of those resources.

As you probably know, plastic is manufactured from materials gleaned from petroleum processing. The byproducts of that processing are essentially the raw materials for making plastic. But petroleum has its limits. There is only so much of it in the ground. When it’s gone, that’s it.

We say all this to remind you that recycling post-industrial plastic reduces our dependence on virgin plastic. If we are making less virgin plastic, we are depleting our resources at a slower rate. That can only be good.

2. Recycling Reduces Energy Consumption

Producing plastic requires energy. In fact, it requires a tremendous amount of energy that further depletes natural resources. Here is the thing: we utilize a mechanical recycling process that transforms scrap plastic into plastic regrind. Even with sending trucks out to collect the plastic crap we buy we still don’t consume as much energy in collection and processing as it takes to manufacture and ship virgin plastic.

Mechanical recycling is pretty simple and straightforward. It doesn’t require much energy at all. Combined with an efficient logistics strategy that minimizes fuel consumption, we can recycle industrial scrap plastic with minimal energy requirements.

3. We Don’t Have To Throw So Much Away

This third and final reason post-industrial plastic recycling makes sense is a bit abstract. Nonetheless, here goes – there is no law that says we need to throw so much away as a society. Another way to put it is to say that we do not have to throw things in the landfill just because we can. No one is forcing the culture to generate and dispose of so much waste.

It is true that things like plastic purge and knockdown buckets can be tossed into a landfill and forgotten about. It is true that injection mold manufacturers can gather all their cutoffs and throw them in the trash without giving it a second thought. But that does not mean they should. It doesn’t mean any of us should throw things away simply because we can.

We Make Recycling Possible

Post-industrial plastic recycling gives manufacturers and other industrial enterprises a legitimate option to tossing their plastic waste. We just happen to be one of many industrial plastic recycling companies that make the option available. We actually make recycling possible by purchasing scrap plastic of all types.

Seraphim Plastics is based in Memphis, TN. We are able to purchase and recycle post-industrial scrap plastic in four states. If you think you might like to sell your scrap to us, give us a shout. And if you are looking to buy plastic regrind, we probably have what you are looking for.