Industrial Plastic Recycling Missouri

If you’re looking for a company to handle your industrial plastic recycling in Missouri, look no further. For over 20 years, Seraphim Plastics has been serving the businesses of Missouri with the tools and services they need to get rid of their unwanted industrial waste and recyclable plastics. We strive to help business reduce their waste production while recycling their discarded plastics into reusable materials. Our services not only benefit companies looking to sell their plastic for profit, as a top plastic recycler, they also benefit the environment by keeping plastic waste out of landfills and away from nature. We’re experienced plastic scrap buyers, specializing in removing and recycling a wide variety of materials such as discarded plastic palettes, empty bottles and jobs, spools, and many more. Our scrap plastic recycling services make it easy for any business to participate in making the world a better place.

Industrial Plastic Recycling in Missouri When you sell scrap plastic to us, we promise to help you take care of your plastic recyclables in a safe, convenient, cost-effective manner. We’ll provide you with a consultation to judge which of our services is right for you, then help you store and ship all of your materials to our processing plant. As plastic waste buyers, we are able to offer top dollar and help you ensure the safety and cleanliness of your plant and work areas.

We’ll Buy Your Plastic Quickly

We are 100% committed to buying and recycling your plastic at a time and place that is convenient for your business. If you have extra demands for your plastic recycling or need to follow a strict schedule, we’re here to assist you in selling plastic for recycling. Unlike some other plastic scrap recycling companies, all of our services and payments are handled in a timely manner with no exceptions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes us one of the top companies that buy recycled plastic in the nation. That means that you’ll get the best service available at a reasonable price. Call Seraphim Plastics today to take care of your plastic recycling needs.

How Do I Get My Plastics to Missouri?

Whether you live in Missouri or Michigan, we’re prepared to handle your plastic recycling needs. Our convenient ordering process allows you to order our recycling services, no matter where your business may be located. As plastic recycle buyers, we provide all of our customers with both storage and transportation for their recyclables. Simply place your order and let us take care of the rest. We’ll ensure that all of your materials reach our processing plant safely and without incident. We also guarantee that all of your recyclables will be handled in an environmentally friendly manner. So, whether you need plastic recycling in Missouri or elsewhere, let us help you take care of your excess waste.

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Stop wondering where to sell plastic scrap. To find out more about us as a company, pricing, or any of our services, please feel free to contact us today. We’re ready to answer all of your questions and help you find the best solution for you and your business. Call or email us today at:

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