You Could Throw Your Industrial Scrap Plastic Away

One of the You Could Throw Your Industrial Scrap Plastic Away - Seraphim Plastics Industrial Plastic Recyclinggreat things about a free economy is having choices. Take the industrial scrap plastic your company generates. You can find a way to repurpose it or let it gather dust in a warehouse. You can recycle it. You can even throw it away. Unless your state or local area has specific regulations that you are bound to, you can do whatever you like with that scrap plastic.

From our perspective, throwing it away is the least attractive choice. We prefer recycling whenever possible. In fact, we recycle industrial scrap plastic in seven states: Tennessee, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. If you operate in any one of those states, you may have scrap plastic we are interested in.

Again, you could throw it away. But…

1. You Might Be Throwing Away Money

We buy scrap plastic that we can turn into regrind. If what you decide to throw away has value to us, you are essentially throwing money away. Why do that? Why throw something we are willing to pay good money for in a landfill? It is not like selling your plastic to us requires anything special.

It actually requires nothing from you but contacting us and telling us what you have. If it is something we can use, we will send a truck to your location to pick it up. We will pay you for it to boot.

2. You Will Be Consuming Landfill Space with Your Industrial Scrap Plastic

Every bit of scrap plastic you throw away consumes landfill space. Whether or not you agree with the premise that the U.S. is running out of landfill space, it still doesn’t make sense to throw things in landfills when they could be recycled instead.

Throwing recyclable materials into landfills is like buying new things and immediately putting them in the attic. There is no doubt you have the attic space. But you could actually use the items you’ve purchased. You could wear clothes and play golf with the new clubs. You could make music with the guitar and play those board games with your kids. Why stuff everything up in the attic and not use it?

Different types of scrap industrial plastic have value as regrind. The thing is that manufacturers have shown both a willingness and desire to add regrind to their processes. They want the stuff. So why throw regrind’s raw materials into a hole in the ground?

3. You Will Be Feeding the Industrial Plastic Waste Stream

Throwing industrial scrap plastic into a landfill is akin to feeding the waste stream. We don’t mean to sound sanctimonious here, but America is a country that wastes too much. We are quick to consume and throw away rather than find ways to recycle, repurpose, fix, etc. That’s a shame. So much of what we throw away really doesn’t have to be wasted.

If it helps, know that our recycling process is amazingly simple. You merely separate the plastics you want to sell to us. Maybe it’s a load of pallets, a storage room full of plastic buckets, or totes that some of your parts came in. Just separate it from the rest of your trash and then contact us.

We pick up scrap plastic, transport it to our facility, and run it through a series of grinders that reduce it to small pellets. Then we run the pallets through a series of magnets to remove any metal pieces that may have made it through. That’s it. We now have regrind that we can sell to customers. You have your money, we have ours, and everyone is happy.