When It Comes to Industrial Plastic Recycling, More Is Better

A quick perusal of our website reveals that we prefer to purchase scrap industrial plastic in large volumes. You might call Seraphim Plastics a bulk buyer. When it comes to industrial plastic recycling, our viewpoint is that more is better.

It is really about the economics of scale. The same economic benefits scale affords nationwide big-box retail chains apply to businesses like ours. The greater the scale, the more economically advantageous plastic recycling is for both us and our customers.

Volume Increases Efficiency

For starters, we utilize a variety of grinders and shredders to achieve different grades of regrind. We want to use our equipment as efficiently as possible. As such, we look for volume when we obtain scrap plastic. Volume allows us to use our equipment more efficiently. If we didn’t have volume, we wouldn’t be able to justify all of the equipment we operate. Creating the same grades of regrind with less equipment decreases efficiency.

We also enjoy greater efficiency in terms of pickup and transport. It is a lot more efficient to transport a full truck load of plastic waste compared to half a load. Being able to fill up an entire truck with just two pickups in the same general vicinity is more efficient than having to travel to warehouses hundreds of miles apart to fill a truck.

Volume Saves Everyone Money

With greater efficiency comes better pricing. Efficiency reduces the amount of money we spend to obtain and transport plastic waste. It reduces the amount of money we spend transforming plastic waste into regrind. And the less we spend, the less we have to charge our customers for regrind. That means lower prices for them.

Again, this goes back to the economics of scale. Being able to push more volume through with greater efficiency ultimately ends up reducing costs. We can turn around and sell regrind in large volumes, giving our customers access to competitive pricing without harming our own bottom line.

Volume Reduces Our Footprint

One last thing to consider is that dealing in volume helps reduce our footprint. We are currently active in seven states including Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee. Our headquarters are in Tennessee, which is a good central location for operating in the southern U.S. At the same time, Ohio and Michigan are not so far away as to be unprofitable.

Volume allows us to operate in a geographically limited area. We don’t have to send trucks all the way to California just to keep our supply of scrap plastic coming in. If we ever expanded that far, a better choice would be to establish separate operations out west. For now, we are content with our seven-state service area. Our footprint is compact enough to allow us to properly serve all of our customers.

There Is Enough to Keep Us Busy

Because we deal in bulk scrap plastic, there is enough to keep us busy. We can buy and sell plastic in large enough volumes to support a business that has been in operation for more than 25 years. There is no need for us to buy smaller quantities of scrap plastic because we have enough to deal with in bulk.

What does all this mean for you? It means you can sell your scrap plastic to us rather than disposing of it. You can turn that waste into revenue, free up valuable warehouse space, and protect the environment at the same time. If you would like more information, contact us on our toll-free number or utilize our online form. Either way, we are looking to buy.