Top 5 Reasons You Should Sell Us Your Scrap Plastic

As industrial plastic recycling specialists, we buy scrap plastic from seven states including Arkansas, Ohio, and Tennessee. We recycle what we buy into a variety of raw materials. Those materials are then sold to companies who transform the recycled material into usable products. It is all pretty straightforward.

Our business depends on being able to purchase things like scrap cutoff, pallets, plastic buckets, and even baled bottles. Without scrap, we have nothing to recycle. We would go out of business if it were not for the customers who supply us with their plastic waste. So what about your company?

Here are the top five reasons we think you should sell us your scrap plastic:

1. Preserving Landfill Space

One of the main benefits of recycling is preserving precious landfill space. The truth is, far too many plastics are disposed of in landfills around the world. We unnecessarily throw industrial plastics into landfills when they are easily recycled. And every time we do that, we are consuming landfill space that could be better utilized for something else.

When you sell us your scrap plastic, you are helping preserve landfill space. You are slowing down the pace at which your local landfill is consumed, and you are helping to delay the need to open a new landfill down the road.

2. Increase the Plastic Supply

The U.S. economy is built on supply and demand. We definitely have a huge demand for plastics in this country. In order to maintain stable wholesale and retail pricing as well, supply needs to keep up. Recycling helps with that. By selling your scrap plastic to us, you can help increase the supply of plastics available to manufacturers. This helps keep prices stable.

3. Keep People Employed

Your scrap plastic doesn’t just allow Seraphim Plastics to make money; it also employs people across all of our operations. They are people no different from your own employees. They have families to feed and mortgages to pay. They also have hopes and dreams for themselves and their families.

Selling scrap plastic to us helps keep our payroll going. Your plastic waste represents an opportunity for us to continue offering jobs to our loyal employees. We think that this vitally important, especially given the hit our economy has taken since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

4. Clear out Your Warehouse Space

Dealing with scrap plastic can be a pain in the backside. For many companies, it is such a hassle that they allow the waste to stack up in a warehouse until there’s no more room. Only then do they deal with it. If this sounds like your company, understand that selling us your scrap plastic solves the problem entirely.

When you sell to us, you free up valuable warehouse space. We can pick up your waste on a regular schedule so that it never stacks up. All of that space you are now dedicating to storing scrap can be put to much better use.

5. Turn Waste into Money

Last but not least is turning your plastic waste into money. Why throw scrap into a landfill when you can convert it to cash? Even if you only have a small amount of plastic to recycle, every bit of cash added to your coffers is good for business. Do not throw away easy money.

We buy all sorts of scrap plastic for recycling purposes. Whether you have scrap to sell or you are looking to buy, Seraphim Plastics may be able to help. Contact us via our toll-free telephone number to learn more about what we do.