Industrial Plastic Recycling and More in 2023

You have probably guessed by now that Seraphim Plastics loves the recycling concept. Industrial plastic recycling is our passion. But we also believe in recycling other things, too. Where it’s practical and cost-effective, recycling can go long way toward reducing waste and boosting the bottom line.

Does your company have a recycling program in place? If not, we hope you will consider making 2023 the year you start changing things. There are plenty of ways to recycle without disrupting your business model or your company’s day-to-day routine.

Let’s Start with Industrial Plastic

The obvious place for us to start this discussion is industrial plastics. We buy plastic in seven states including Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee. Your company might produce industrial plastic waste we are interested in. The only way to know is to contact us for a free quote.

If you have plastic buckets or totes, contact us. If you normally throw away plastic purge or cutoffs, we want to know. You can contact us about everything from baled PET bottles and plastic pallets to PVC tubes and pipes.

Take a Look at Your Paper

One of the easiest and most cost-effective materials to recycle is paper. Paper is so easily recycled that we’ve been doing it in this country for decades. In the old days, when newspapers were the average person’s go-to source for the news, newsprint recycling was big business. Newsprint is still recycled today, but a bigger source of paper recycling is office paper.

Does your company produce a lot of office paper that ultimately goes to waste? If so, consider recycling it instead. There are companies that do the same thing for office paper that we do for industrial plastics.

Don’t Forget the Cardboard

As long as we’re talking about paper recycling, don’t forget the cardboard. It is easily recycled as well. With any luck, you will be able to find a recycling company that can take both office paper and cardboard. And if not, the chances are pretty good that your municipal waste hauler can recycle cardboard for you.

Most Metals Can Be Recycled

Metals are something else to consider. Most can be recycled one way or another, so it is really a matter of determining what you have and whether anyone in your local area accepts it for recycling. The one thing to remember about metal recycling is that scrapyards do not typically pick it up. Instead, you need to work with a scrapper who makes a living collecting metal and taking it to the yard.

This is to say that you probably won’t be able to sell scrap metal unless you’re willing to take it to the recycler yourself. A scrapper isn’t going to pay you. He will probably haul it away for free, though.

Recycle Those Electronics

Last but not least, those old electronic devices that reach the end of life don’t have to sit on a shelf. Most, if not all of them, can be recycled locally. It is also possible that recycling electronics is mandated by law in your area. Check with your local municipality for details.

Everything from computers and cell phones to copiers and printers is packed with materials recyclers can recover and put back into the manufacturing stream. They want your old electronics.

We are obviously looking to buy and recycle your industrial plastic scrap. But don’t stop there. Make this the year your company takes advantage of every possible opportunity you have to recycle. Effective recycling preserves landfill space and reduces unnecessary waste. It is a good thing we all should do more of.