In Times of Recession, Every Dollar Helps the Bottom Line

It’s looking more and more like America is headed for recession in 2023. Some say we are already there. While the disagreement may be mere semantics, one thing many businesses learned the last time around is that every dollar helps. Some of those businesses sold us their scrap plastic.

Recession’s negative consequences tend to be far-reaching. Inflation rises in the short term. That negatively impacts consumer spending. Lower consumer spending leads to manufacturing slowdowns, lost jobs, and lower profit margins for business. You know the routine. So once again, preserving every dollar can only help companies strengthen the bottom line.

Why do we bring this up? Because we buy scrap plastic. Selling your industrial plastic waste may not push you into the next tax bracket, but it will generate revenue that would otherwise have been lost by sending that scrap plastic to a landfill.

What We Do with It

We are mainly interested in polypropylene, HDPE, and HMW. What do we do with it? We send it through a series of grinders and magnets to produce a recycled material known as regrind. Manufacturers buy regrind from us and add it to virgin plastic pellets to make new end products.

We buy scrap plastic in seven states: Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee. contact us to turn your scrap into revenue that gets put back into your business.

Finding Ways to Save

Selling us your scrap plastic is just one way to strengthen the bottom line during recessionary periods. If your company is like most, it is only a start. Should recession predictions come to fruition, you and your management team will be searching high and low for ways to save. We get it. We will be doing the same thing.

Here are just some of the things that companies may have to look at:

  • Eliminating Perks – Some companies will start by looking at those extra perks like free lunch and reduced cost gym memberships. Perks that don’t directly affect profitability are a drain on the bottom line.
  • Streamlining Processes – Looking for ways to streamline existing processes is another avenue. Increasing efficiency can lower costs and reduce the need for future spending, all the while maintaining consistent production.
  • Slimming Down Marketing – Marketing is one of those necessary aspects of business that can be hard to quantify. In times of recession, marketing budgets tend to suffer. Some companies will slim down their marketing efforts for the time being.

Searching for ways to save during a recession is never pleasant. Cuts always take their toll on someone. And sometimes, cuts need to be more direct than simply eliminating perks or streamlining processes. Sometimes people lose their jobs.

We Will Get through It

Here’s hoping that we aren’t yet in a recession and that it doesn’t come as predicted. But if our hopes are eventually dashed, we are confident in one thing: we will all get through it. A 2023 recession will not be the first we’ve seen in this great country. It will not be the last. We have weathered recession before; we will weather it again.

Regardless of what happens over the next 12 to 18 months, we hope you remember Seraphim Plastics whenever you have industrial scrap plastic to get rid of. The revenue it generates will help your bottom line.

Remember that we buy scrap plastic in seven states. We will come to your location, pick up the scrap, and haul it away for you. It’s what we’ve always done from our home base here in Tennessee. We will keep doing it as long as there is a market.