Could Recycling Scrap Plastic Solve Your Dumpster Problem?

Your business relies on multiple commercial dumpsters to handle the trash. Your trash hauler charges a monthly fee for each dumpster in exchange for emptying them on a weekly basis. You would like to reduce the number of dumpsters your company pays for, but you’re not quite sure how. Have you ever considered recycling your scrap plastic?

Seraphim Plastics recycles a variety of clean plastic waste in seven states including Tennessee, Ohio, and Michigan. We might be interested in purchasing that scrap plastic you currently throw away. Not only could you potentially earn some extra money, but you might also be able to reduce the amount you pay for monthly dumpster service.

Dumpsters Can Be Expensive

Waste haulers charge different rates for dumpster service. We did a few comparisons and discovered that, on average, an 8-yard dumpster is about the biggest you can get for monthly service. An 8-yard dumpster can hold up to 1600 pounds of waste. That would be more than enough for a small restaurant. It probably wouldn’t make a dent for an industrial operation.

At an average price of $200 per month, renting multiple dumpsters could easily cut into an already limited operating budget. What if you could cut three dumpsters down to two? What if you could get by with just one dumpster? Paying $200 per month is a lot more attractive than $400.

Plastic Takes Up Space

Plastic waste is pretty light. So with an 8-yard dumpster, weight really isn’t the issue. It is about space. Plastic waste takes up a lot of it. An industrial company that trims plastic waste from purchased parts can throw a lot of space-wasting scrap into the dumpster. But recycle that scrap instead, and all the unused dumpster space is open for trash that truly cannot be recycled.

Other types of plastic waste take up valuable space as well. For instance, all those plastic buckets stored in the corner of your warehouse could consume an entire 8-yard dumpster. Likewise for those plastic totes. As for the plastic pallets, your company hasn’t ever considered throwing them in the dumpster. Still, no one has figured out what to do with them yet.

It is quite possible that we could take all that waste off your hands. We are experts in scrap plastic recycling. From plastic purge to baled PET water bottles, your plastic waste is our revenue stream. We are more than happy to buy it from you if it meets our requirements.

Charging by the Yard

Waste haulers charging by the yard do not have many other options for pricing. They could charge by weight, but that would unnecessarily shift a heavier burden to customers whose waste is denser. That is not necessarily the best way to go. So if they don’t charge by weight, they have to charge by volume. Charging by the yard just makes the most sense.

If most of your company’s waste is in the form of scrap plastic, volume pricing is more expensive for you than weight-based pricing. This tells us that it is not worth it for you to keep throwing recyclable plastic materials into the dumpster. You are not winning on weight anyway, so you might just as well reduce your volume to save some money.

We cannot guarantee that recycling your scrap plastic will reduce your dumpster volume. But we are willing to give you a competitive quote on your scrap. If we can use your plastic, you can at least make some money from it. And if it solves your dumpster problem at the same time, consider it a bonus.